Shackles & Ties

by Stuart Ferguson

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released June 9, 2004

Stuart Ferguson - vocal and guitar

Recorded by Brian Doser at My Other Hat Studio in Wenham, MA


all rights reserved


Track Name: God's Plan
God’s Plan

You can make up a story
That’s already happened
And lay all blame at the foot of the Captain
The ship it was doomed when it left this ‘ol town
Now it sits at the bottom of Puget Sound

All rise to honor the dead
Heeding the words that the preacher said
Crossing themselves to ward off the damned
Wondering how this is all a part of God’s plan

It was one day from port
The sea was a rising
Beating the ship with the wrath of Posieden
The hull couldn’t stand it, seams started to burst
When the rudderman drowned he was only the first

“All hands on deck!“ cried the Captain
Knowing full well what was going to happen
The lifeboats were smashed and men started to pray
Wondering how their God could treat them this way

The wives and the children are helped in their grieving
By stories they desperately want to believe in
How the men stood tall to face certain death
Their memories held in the ocean’s depths

But the strain is too much, it shows on the wives
The children they try to get on with their lives
Haunted by thoughts and dreams of the men
Who gave their lives as a part of God’s plan
Track Name: Half-Mile Down
Half Mile Down

Before the sun comes up each morning
I’m on my way a half mile down
It’s darker here than the middle of the night
Me and the boys have got no choice
There’s nothing else we know
We’ve been headed here since we were all of five years old

We work our hands to the bone
And breath the dust
Because the company says we must
To bring coal out of the West Virginia hills

You see the old men coughing
Hear them talking about wasting their lives
You see the pain in their eyes
Then you look at your children
Wondering what they could be
If they only had the chance

Up in Nova Scotia a mine collapsed
They said the cause was a methane blast
The company tries to act concerned
They try to cut their loses
And save the profits
Knowing they must say what’s proper
“Those workers, they are foremost on our minds.”

Rescue crews found eleven who died
There’s fifteen more trapped inside
Their families hang on every word

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